Great New Responsive Designs Samples

Great New Responsive Designs SamplesHave you searched all over the net for great new responsive designs samples? We have a few that were recently added to our portfolio. When it comes to Responsive Designs that is what we are all about. So what exactly does it mean to get a responsive web design? Simply put; your website will adjust all the elements on the pages to adapt to the size of the screen the domain is being viewed on. So if you have a great new responsive designs it will look amazing everywhere.

For years now, we’ve heard that mobile is going to explode and that it’s, “the next big thing,” but it wasn’t until 2014 that mobile finally overtook desktop.

So with that said, where does that leave us as marketers for 2015 and beyond? Let’s look.

JBH Marketing & Smart Insights put together this infographic (above) that details the state of mobile marketing in 2015, and some of the statistics and data is staggering. For one, the percentage of time spent on a mobile app in 2015 is 86%, and 79% of smartphone users say they use apps almost every day. Keep that in mind next time you’re trying to decide if your business needs a mobile app.
Looking at the data further, mobile still isn’t translating into conversions. Mobile users have different web behaviors than desktop users, and what that data says to me is that mobile users are more in the browsing mood while those utilizing desktop computers are more in a buying/converting mood. And the data backs that up, as 90% of mobile users are using their devices to do their research and price comparisons prior to making a purchase.

As far as search engines go, mobile users aren’t as engaged, with on-site engagement not as high on mobile as it is on desktop computers. The takeaway here is to make sure that your website is mobile responsive so that users on any device have the best user experience possible.

Lastly, it’s clear that advertisers believe mobile is where their demographic is, as mobile ad spend is slated to increase to upwards of $195 billion by 2019, from $68 billion for this year.

All in all, we’re still not quite there with mobile, but all signs point to mobile slowly becoming the preferred device for both the consumer and the business.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing in 2015 and come back for more Great New Responsive Designs Samples here regularly.


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