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Do you know The Power Of WordPress. The number one thing we love about WordPress is that it allows your site design and functionality to evolve with your content. The beauty of WordPress is that you can customize it as little or as much as you like. We’ve seen a variety of Blogger templates and WordPress templates over the years. Sure, you have options to create a unique site on Blogger — but at the end of the day, your options are limited unless you really know your way around code. Even then, there are only so many ways you can customize the code.

With WordPress, the options for fashion and lifestyle blogs are practically limitless, with many options available to you even if you don’t know how to code. The market for WordPress themes has grown so much over the years, making it easier to find a unique layout to suit your blogging needs. As a web developer, we particularly love the Customizer, which is where we’ve added all of our options so you can easily customize your blog step by step. And when you’re ready for a custom site? WordPress has the flexibility to take the content you’ve already created and display it to suit your readers’ needs, from special outfit galleries to travel guides and more.

Tons Of Options

The Power Of WordPress and Plugins open up a world of possibilities for your site and can help you create a truly unique experience. Do you want to show shop the post widgets after the excerpts on your home page? We have a plugin for that. Do you want a pin-it hover on your images? There’s a plugin for that, too.

Furthermore, plugins make it easy to add the essentials to your site, like the proper code to enable rich pins, or improve your site’s SEO. The great thing about plugins is that it keeps this functionality separate from your site design, so you can switch up the theme without losing these essentials.

For us, the most important thing about WordPress is that it gives us full control over our website. Blogger is just one of many services under the Google umbrella, and while we like to think Blogger will be around forever, well, we thought the same thing about Google Reader. At the end of the day, Google will do what’s best for their bottom line.

With WordPress, you have access to every single file that runs your website. If you’re not happy with the way your site runs, you can move those files to another web host (we love Siteground and Flywheel).

And more importantly, WordPress is an open-source, community project, built and maintained by hundreds of volunteers. This means that the people working on WordPress actually use it themselves and are personally invested in its improvement. Feel The Power Of WordPress.

What Can WordPress Do?

1. Blog or Personal Website

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and quickly evolved into a powerful CMS. During the last 12 years, those blogging and personal website components didn’t disappear.

They have become more polished, sophisticated and mature. If you are going to create a blog or personal website, then you will find plenty of tools to manage and grow your WordPress quickly.

2. Business Website

web design surrey

WordPress is the easiest way to build a professional looking business website. It is so powerful that many big name brands are using WordPress to power their websites. It gives you easy tools to quickly launch a website and then extend it as your business grows.

3. eCommerce

surrey web designer

WordPress is quickly becoming a go to solution for building an eCommerce websites. There are awesome plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and WPEcommerce which convert your WordPress website into fully functional eCommerce platform. You can accept payments, manage inventory, shipping, taxes, and users from the same roof.

4. Job Board

The Power Of WordPress

Several popular sites like Smashing Magazine, Problogger etc use job boards as an extra source of income. There is a growing demand of niche job boards catering the needs of a specific industry or specialization.

WordPress allows you easily create a job board where employers can post job listings and professionals can respond to them.

5. Business Directory

Business directory

Just like job boards, there is increasing demand of niche business directories on the web. There are some great WordPress business directory plugins which allow you to easily create a business directory.

You can even create web directory that is not limited to businesses alone.

6. Question & Answer Website

Creating question and answer website in WordPress

Want to create your own version of Yahoo Answers, Stack Exchange, or Quora? With WordPress you can easily create a question and answers site. Combine it with other tools, and you can build yourself a thriving online community of your own.

7. NonProfits and Religious Websites

The Power Of WordPress

WordPress is free as in freedom (see our guide why is WordPress free?). This makes it an ideal solution for nonprofit organizations.

With WordPress plugins you can add donate form and raise money by accepting paypal donations. There are some great WordPress themes for churches and nonprofits.

8. Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites with WordPress

Need a place to showcase your work? You can easily add a portfolio to your WordPress site with stunning image galleries, and beautiful sliders. WordPress can be used to provide a very sleek and polished user experience for your portfolio site making it easier for others to browse and learn about your work. The Power Of WordPress.

9. Online Communities

The Power Of WordPress

WordPress can be used as an online forum using the lightweight bbPress forum. You can even add social features to a WordPress site with plugins like BuddyPress.

10. Coupon Website

Coupons site with WordPress

Want to earn affiliate commissions from thousands of websites offering special discounts on their products and services? Use WordPress to create a coupon site. It allows you to easily add, manage, and expire coupons. Your users can vote and rate coupons, and it all fits right in your WordPress admin area.

11. Auction Websites


Want to run your own eBay like auctions website? With WordPress, you can create a fully functional auction website. Users can bid online, make payments, and you get to earn by simply providing a platform for your niche industry.

12. Multilingual Websites

Multilingual WordPress Sites

You can install WordPress in many languages, but you can also create a multilingual website as well. See how easy it is to create multilingual websites using WordPress.

13. Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites

Create wiki knowledgebase in WordPress

Want to add a documentation section with a knowledgebase or wiki like articles? WordPress comes with great plugins that quickly turn your website into an easy to browse knowledgebase wiki.

14. Podcasting Websites

Create a podcasting website with WordPress

WordPress and podcasting go hand in hand. Most popular podcasters on the web are using WordPress for their websites. See our step by step guide on how to start a podcast with WordPress.

15. Niche Affiliate Websites

Niche affiliate marketing websites using WordPress

Want to make a commission by referring your users to products and services? Here are the best affiliate marketing tools and plugins available for WordPress. These tools will boost your affiliate earnings and make things a lot more easier.

16. Photography Websites

Photography websites

Are you a professional or amateur photographer? Want to share your family vacation photos? With WordPress and Envira Gallery, you can create astonishingly beautiful photography websites. You can add galleries, albums, titles, captions, lightbox popups, slideshows, and the bells and whistles.

There are also tons of photography templates available for WordPress.

17. School or College Websites

School or college websites using WordPress

WordPress powers thousands of schools and college websites around the world. It is safe, secure, and easy to manage. See our list of popular universities that are using WordPress.

18. Private Blogs

Private WordPress sites

Want to keep your WordPress blog to yourself? See how easily you can make your WordPress blog completely private. Run team projects, diaries, or whatever you want in a safe environment away from prying eyes.

19. Family Blogs

Family blogs

With built in media and user management system, WordPress is perfect to create small family websites. Create beautiful wedding websites, upload family photos, or add family gossip. WordPress can provide endless fun for all members of family age 10 and up.

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